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Closing the class of 03 Professional training courses for the 24th, 25th and 29th main courses

On the afternoon of June 29, 2021, the School of Training and Retraining of Cadres, Labor and Social Affairs Officials held the closing ceremony of 03 Training Classes for the Specialist Class of 24th, 25th and 29th Class of 2021, in the form of online.

Attending the closing ceremony were: Mr. Le Duc Quang, Senior Specialist, Vice Rector and Leaders of some Departments/Faculties of the University and students participating in online courses.

Mr. Le Duc Quang, Senior Specialist – Vice Rector of the University Closing speech of online courses

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Mr. Le Duc Quang, Senior Specialist – Vice Rector of the University praised the results that the students had achieved despite the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, but with all The efforts and efforts of the students are quite limited, the characteristics of the students’ work are very busy, but they have arranged and arranged the work at the office, “participated” fully in the lessons as well as the activities of the students. class. Mr. Le Duc Quang hopes that after the course, returning to his/her unit, the trainees will apply the acquired knowledge to the operation and management at the agency and unit, and at the same time, each person will improve their skills. High ability to formulate policies that are reasonable, effective and suitable to real life.

The 24th Professional Class Training class has 186 students, the 25th Professional Class Training class has 138 students, and the 29th Professional Class Training class has 169 students who are officials, civil servants and public employees of the institutions. administrative agencies, state non-business units of the Central and localities across the country.

During the study period, the class members were imparted 16 topics and 02 reports related to the knowledge and skills of state management of the specialist rank. For the main expert, it is divided into 03 parts: Part 1 includes: general knowledge about state administration; Part 2 includes: state management by sector and territory; Part 3: Skills include skills in performing official duties, skills in organizational planning, presentation skills, skills in building legal documents, communication skills, and teamwork. The general objective of this training course is to equip knowledge, skills, and methods of performing tasks in public service activities of officials and public employees and in professional activities of public employees; Contributing to changing attitudes and behavior in performing official duties, building a contingent of professional cadres, civil servants and public employees with good moral qualities, political will and capacity, to meet service requirements. the people’s service and the development of the country; Completing regulations on quota and title standards for cadres, civil servants and public employees, contributing to the accomplishment of individual and organizational goals in terms of training and retraining as prescribed. During the course of study, students are allowed to participate in 02 tests and 01 case study on state administrative management. Those foundational knowledge will help students to system and update their knowledge to better perform their civil servant and official duties.

Study results at the end of the course 100% of students in 03 classes of Specialists and Key Specialists were granted a certificate of completion of the course by the Principal of the Training and Retraining School for cadres and civil servants.

H – Kim Vui Kbuor.

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