Union Branch Office of the Ministry – Institute of Labor and Social Sciences visited and gave gifts to children with disabilities in Nghe An

Implementing the program of Youth Union work and youth movement in 2014 on the occasion of the 124th Anniversary of Uncle Ho’s Birthday and International Children’s Day 1/6, 18/5/2014, the Union Office of the Ministry – Institute of Labor and Social Sciences (MOLISA) visited, gave gifts and exchanged with Nghe An Center for Education and Vocational Training for the Disabled.
Nghe An Education and Vocational Training Center for the Disabled has the function of management, education, vocational training, career guidance, rehabilitation and job counseling for people with disabilities in the province. In addition, the Center also performs the task of early intervention education and inclusive education in the community. Every year, the Center manages from 240 – 250 students with disabilities, including hearing impairments, visual impairments and mobility disabilities. With the efforts and dedication of the staff and teachers, over the years Nghe An Education and Vocational Training Center has successfully completed its functions and tasks.
In order to contribute to helping people with disabilities and orphans rise up in life and integrate into the community, the Youth Union donated 15 backpacks to 15 children with excellent academic achievements and 5 million VND in cash. Although the gift is small, it shows the children’s care and encouragement, especially when they are preparing to welcome the International Children’s Day.
Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Phan Bui Hai – Director of the Center appreciated the significance of the visit of the Union Office of the Ministry – Institute of Labor and Social Sciences (MOLISA), considering this a gift. great spirit for the children as well as all the teachers who are teaching at the Center.
Here, the delegation visited the place of study and activities, witnessed the life and learning of students.
After that, the Union Branch organized an incense offering at the tomb of Hoang Thi Loan (the father of President Ho Chi Minh) and returned to visit Uncle Ho’s hometown. The trip aroused the sense of drinking water, remembering its source, patriotism and national pride among the youth union members, especially when the situation in the East Sea was becoming increasingly tense.
In recent years, the two branches of the Ministry’s Office and the Institute of Labor and Social Sciences regularly have charity and humanitarian activities in the localities, with the enthusiastic response and participation of union members. youth in the office.
Some pictures of activities during the delegation’s trip:

Cultural performance performed by children with disabilities

… attract youth union members

Sewing workshop for children with disabilities

The delegation offered incense at the tomb of Hoang Thi Loan (father of President Ho Chi Minh)

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